Welcome to Revenue Academy

A new standard in Revenue Management

Revenue Academy offers an innovative approach to revenue management training across all departments, ensuring all staff understand how revenue management works, how it applies to their role and how to have cross departmental revenue-generating conversations, removing silos and creating one singular focus – to drive optimal revenues for your operation.

Enhance employee careers, reduce churn

Our qualifications enhance job satisfaction, open doors to opportunities. With proven expertise, staff excel in promotions and growth.

Choose the learning techniques for your operation

Revenue Academy customises hotel training to tackle unique challenges.

Accessible learning

Our online platform provides flexible access, and cost-effective learning for varied schedules and preferences.

Working with the industry

We collaborate with associations, technology providers, and institutions to build industry-wide revenue management standards.

Our Vision

To drive a new set of standards in revenue management knowledge in the hospitality industry, enabling employers and staff to validate their revenue management competency through a collective series of certifications, and join a growing community of revenue-savvy practitioners and peers through a single-source certification platform.


Keeping it practical

Revenue Academy goes beyond workshops and costly consulting services, providing a comprehensive curriculum that marries theory with practical application. The courses equip hotel staff with the skills needed to navigate complex revenue management strategies, translating theoretical knowledge into tangible revenue-enhancing practices. Employees are equipped with the necessary hard skills and soft skills to navigate their role independently from the department or position they occupy with a revenue mindset. 


Positively impacting guest experiences

Effective revenue management, skilfully implemented by employees translates directly into positive guest experiences. Expert handling of complex reservations, personalized offerings, improved upselling, and optimized inventory management all combine to elevate overall guest satisfaction.

Why Revenue Academy?

A standardized qualification you can trust

Our standardised qualification bridges the gap between theory and practice, setting a benchmark for revenue management competency, recognised across the industry. 

Certification Credibility


Our certification programs validate individuals’ revenue management proficiency, highlighting ongoing professional development.

Enhanced Revenue Performance for your hotel

Revenue Academy-trained professionals make informed, data-driven decisions, leading to increased revenue generation and sustained business growth.

The Revenue Academy Qualifications

A Practical Guide to Revenue Management
Modules 1-7 leading to the Cert RM™1

Proficiency in Revenue Management
Modules 8-14 leading to the Cert RM™2

Certification is integrated with LinkedIn for enhanced validation of achievements.

Modules can be mixed and matched for different certification competency levels including:

  • On-boarding staff,
  • Verifying competencies during recruitment,
  • Delivery to different departments including General Management, Sales and Marketing, Front office, Reservations, and of course, Revenue Managers. 


Learning Experience

  • Flexible content selection for specific subject areas or logical progression
  • Video content, with or without trainers for blended learning
  • Introduction, summaries and comprehension questions in each module


Assessment and recognition

  • End-of-module knowledge checks
  • Certificate of completion on finalising a module
  • Approximately 2.5 hours per module
  • Exams for CertRM™ level one and CertRM™ level 2 qualifications


Enhanced learning 

  • Additional videos and written material
  • Downloadable action sheets and “how-to” guides


Versatile delivery 

  • Video-based content on Moodle platform
  • Online, in-person, or blended learning options with trainers


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