Module 4 – 5 Metrics to Measure Success

Duration 2 hours approx

  • Do you know if your pricing strategy is driving optimal profit?
  • Can you pinpoint what elements could be letting you down?
  • How do you know what ‘good’ looks like?


What you will learn

A focus on driving profits through effective pricing needs to be measured and monitored. This module takes you through the 5 indispensable key performance indicators to track growth and benchmark success. We uncover how to calculate and interpret these business metrics, so you can plan and amend your pricing strategy knowing it’s bringing in the best return possible.

You will benefit from this if you are

  • A Hospitality business owner, with limited access to revenue management and pricing expertise who would like to understand how to easily and effectively influence pricing decisions.
  • An aspiring revenue and commercial manager within a hotel who wants to make a valuable contribution to profit discussions.
  • A service provider to hospitality businesses looking to engage fully in commercial conversations at client meetings

What will you get

  • 4 easy to follow instructor led tutorials provide a step by step guide to plan and prepare your optimal pricing strategy
  • All the theory is covered in a workbook as a handy reference to reinforce your online learning
  • ‘Test your Understanding’ with our Quiz
  • Need some additional support? Our online forum is the place to connect with teachers and fellow students. Ask a question, seek advice, share your wins!

In addition

  • Access to an exclusive video where top UK hoteliers and hospitality industry experts give their operational viewpoint as to how to best measure success.
  • Can you do the maths? Put your theory into practice with a test to check your understanding of metrics calculation.
  • Develop your understanding by reading about the revaluation of RevPAR versus GOPPAR – Zvi Schwartz, Mehmet Altin and Manisha Singal


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