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Welcome to the Revenue Academy from Revenue by Design. Here you can get access to your on-line courses in hotel revenue management, and subscribe to our recorded webinars.

Revenue Academy provides on-line learning courses in hotel revenue management. Courses cover how revenue management is applied to rooms, meeting space and food and beverage. To enquire about registering for a course, or for certification in revenue management please email enquiries@revenuebydesign.co.uk.

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    This course covers the pre-learning required prior to attending the one-day workshop in Excel Skills. The workshop is designed to provide the skills necessary to cover data analysis, reporting and communication of revenue results using Excel. The workshop covers how to create formulas and how to analyse data using Excel toolbox functions, graphs and Pivot tables, and explores use of different functions to support data analysis and decision making in forecasting and rate selection. Communication of revenue results is supported through conditional formatting, graphs, combo boxes and dynamic tables. 

    Excel Course

    Module 1 - Introduction to Revenue Management