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Exploring Loyalty in 2022

February 14, 2022 9:07 pm | Revenue Management | 0 comments

As new emerging trends in travel behaviours emerge, what does this mean for loyalty within hotels?


Shifts in customer behaviours have forced us to rethink what loyalty means for hotels. A decrease in corporate travel, the growing importance of the leisure traveller, and the increasing expectation for personalised services tailored to individual preferences, mean that the relevance of traditional points-based loyalty programmes and their value to both guest and hotel is diminishing, requiring a review of what loyalty means today.We used the opportunity at the ‘Leadership from Chaos’ conference in October to bring together seven key players in hospitality today to discuss and unpack what loyalty in 2022 means for our industry today. Their lively and insightful discussion challenged our traditional view of loyalty programmes and has formed the basis of the white paper attached, ’Exploring Loyalty in 2022’.

Questions up for debate included:


  • What is loyalty today?
  • Do we believe there is loyalty to a hotel and if so what attracts a guest?
  • What is the value of loyalty to an organisation?
  • Is a loyalty program still important today?

Alternatively, you can watch the debate here

With thanks to our kind sponsors, Pace Revenue, Duetto,and Collinson and thanks to our panellists ; Peter Gerstle, Group Head of Travel Products, Collinson; Steve Risk, Founder, Inspire Loyalty; Jens Munch, CEO and Founder, Pace Revenue; Jonathon Liu, Director of Marketing and Revenue Strategy, GLH Hotels; Elizabeth Cunningham, Head of Loyalty Marketing and Proposition, IAG Loyalty; David Goodman, Director of Sales, EMEA, Duetto; Thomas Magnuson, CEO and Co Founder, Magnuson Hotels 

You can download the whitepaper here

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