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If you want to improve your hospitality business skills and revenue management knowledge, then you’re in the right place. 

 Each course has been designed to specifically give you the knowledge, strategic planning guidelines and day to day practical advice to drive top and bottom-line profitability. 

 There is something for everyone: whether you are the owner of a hotel or a Bed & Breakfast business, a restaurateur or a hospitality marketing or sales professional, our modular courses will allow you to understand the market, segment your business and customer base and achieve increased profit and lower costs.

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Hospitality revenue experts

All Revenue Academy courses have been designed and prepared by recognised leaders in the provision of revenue management services since 2006.

The courses reflect day to day practical application of the subject and are always bang up to date.

Learn at your own pace

Our Course content is modular which allows you select specific subject areas where required, or you can combine them for a logical progression through the principles of revenue management.

Track your progress

We make it simple to track your progress, which means you can see with ease which course you have completed, as well as everything you still have coming up in each course.  This is especially important as you obviously want to get to grips with the basics before you move on to the more complex topics.

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