Module 8 – From Strategy to Operational

Duration 2 hours approx

  • Would having a checklist of daily weekly and monthly tasks keep your revenue strategy on track?
  • What to know how to run a revenue meeting and make it interesting?
  • Ever wondered how to get your point across more effectively?


What will you learn?

It’s time to practice what you know with the tools to move a revenue strategy to an operational reality. Get a framework to manage internal tasks, identify the reports you need, understand how to run a weekly revenue meeting, and fine tune your communication skills to keep revenue meetings interesting.

Handy checklists outline the daily weekly and monthly tasks of a Revenue Manager to identify where a strategy is performing as expected or where anomalies need to be addressed. Use the tools in this module to get visibility on your strategy, and put the right checks and balances in place to ensure everything is on track. Combine this with the downloadable reports from Module 7 to set up reporting and monitor your strategy.

What will you get

  • 7 easy to follow video tutorials provide a step by step guide on how to set up and manage your revenue strategy
  • A check list to download your daily and weekly tasks to keep on track
  • Who to invite to your weekly revenue meeting, the reports to prepare and how to get your story across.
  • Top tips to improve your communication including how Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning impact how you get your message across
  • ‘Test your Understanding’ with our Knowledge Check
  • Need some additional support? Become a member of Revenue Academy and join a live session here, and get some great discounts!

Content and Topics

1) Introduction

2) Topic 1 Putting strategies into action

3) Topic 2 Operational tasks within the booking window

4) Topic 3 Weekly and Monthly Tasks

5) Topic 4 Organising and managing the weekly Revenue Meeting

6) Topic 5 Top tips to improve your communications

7) Summary

8) Knowledge check – 10 questions

9) Checklists to download and use today

This is for you if you are

  • A hospitality business owner who wants greater visibility on property performance and opportunities to drive more revenues
  • An aspiring revenue manager within a hotel who wants to make a valuable contribution to optimise incoming revenues.
  • A revenue manager that wants to fine tune your skills


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